Tattfree - A breakthrough in Tattoo Removal Technology.

At Tattfree we offer safe and effective permanent tattoo removal using the latest tattoo removal technology.

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Why Tattfree?

If you have a tattoo, you are not alone. Until now, the most effective treatment available was laser. Tattfree is a non laser treatment that is able to treat ANY colour, including the most exotic hues and is virtually pain free.

In Australia it is estimated that 3 million people are currently sporting one or more tattoo's. Some visible in normal clothing, others not. While your tattoo may have given you and others pleasure in the past, maybe your circumstances have changed or you are just simply bored with it, and have been giving some thought to how best get it removed. It is estimated that some 50% of tattoo wearers want their tattoo removed at some time in their life.

Many want to say goodbye to the ink...

There are many reasons why you would like to remove your tattoo:

  • Dissatisfaction with the design because it was poorly executed
  • Concern that a tattoo on the leg or arm is visible in work clothing
  • It was a rash decision at the time
  • Ex partners name incorporated in the design
  • New partner dislikes tattoos
  • The design has faded over time.